Code of Conduct
Hosting is closed indefinitely.

Well, first off, your site has to be one of the following:
a TCG-related site (TCG, TCG post, TCG directory, etc.)
a shrine!
a personal blog/site

What do I get, you ask? A spot on the web. Dependable hosting that won't go down, a forum if you want it, a MySQL, Wordpress…whatever. I don't specify amounts of space because most people don't take up a lot of space, nor do they need a lot of space, but if you think that might be an issue, it's not. ;)

  • I don't think I have to tell you to link back here somewhere. I'm doing something for you, so you do something for me.
  • If you have a TCG/shrine, your site must be 50% complete. The reason this is necessary now is because I found people had ideas for sites and took forever (if they ever did) to get it running. If your site isn't, I'll email you once about it and then delete your subdomain.
  • Have nice graphic skills, or know how to use pre-made layouts. Send me a screenshot of something, link me there, or if you're making a TCG, show me cards or whatever. Just some proof I know you know what you're doing. ♥
  • Move in within at least a week or two. If I see your site is static for 3+ months without any word, I'll remove it, so please keep me posted. Blogs/personal sites are different. If you don't update for 6 months to a year, I'll remove it.
  • Know how to use FTP.
  • Be nice! xD I hate mean people online and god knows, there are a lot of them. Let's be friends! :D

That's really it. I'm a very cool, easy-going person. If I sound like a bitch with my rules, it's simply because I hate how previous people take advantage of the help I'm offering. :< I'll take just about anyone and I'll help you with whatever I can if you need it.